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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
2014-06-26.Syllabus[Icon] 6/26/2014
Brown v. Hobbs[Icon] PER CURIAM Brown v. Hobbs CV-13-429 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 315 Per Curiam Affirmed
Cromeans v. Hobbs[Icon] PER CURIAM Cromeans v. Hobbs CV-14-404 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 318 Per Curiam Dismissed
Davis v. Deen[Icon] PER CURIAM Davis v. Deen CV-12-914 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 313 Per Curiam Reversed & Remanded
Goodloe v. Goodloe[Icon] DONALD L. CORBIN Goodloe v. Goodloe CV-13-1000 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 300 Majority, with Dissenting Remanded
Hampton v. State[Icon] PAUL E. DANIELSON Hampton v. State CR-13-914 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 303 Majority, with Concurring Affirmed
In re Amends. to Ark. R. Prof'l Conduct[Icon] PER CURIAM In re Amends. to Ark. R. Prof'l Conduct CV-14-261 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 316 Per Curiam RULE CHANGES
In re Bd. of Certified Ct. Rptr. Exam'rs[Icon] PER CURIAM In re Bd. of Certified Ct. Rptr. Exam'rs 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 320 Per Curiam
In re Comm. on Civ. Prac.[Icon] PER CURIAM In re Comm. on Civ. Prac. 6/26/2013 2014 Ark. 319 Per Curiam
James v. Pulaski Cnty. Cir. Ct. Fifth Div.[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER James v. Pulaski Cnty. Cir. Ct. Fifth Div. CR-14-242 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 305 Majority Affirmed in part
Jones v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Jones v. State CR-13-422 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 311 Per Curiam Dismissed
Ligon v. Hogrobrooks[Icon] PER CURIAM Ligon v. Hogrobrooks D-12-459 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 317 Per Curiam Motion granted
Lipsey v. Giles[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON Lipsey v. Giles CV-14-9 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 309 Majority Reversed & Remanded
Maiden v. State[Icon] JIM HANNAH Maiden v. State CR-13-686 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 294 Majority, with Dissenting Affirmed
Newman v. Crawford Cnty. Cir. Ct.[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON Newman v. Crawford Cnty. Cir. Ct. CR-14-268 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 308 Majority Motion granted
Nooner v. State[Icon] DONALD L. CORBIN Nooner v. State CR-94-358 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 296 Majority, with Dissenting Motion denied
Pedraza v. State[Icon] DONALD L. CORBIN Pedraza v. State CR-13-991 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 298 Majority, with Dissenting Affirmed
Robinson v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Robinson v. State 30CR-08-131 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 310 Per Curiam Affirmed
Sanders v. Straughn[Icon] PER CURIAM Sanders v. Straughn CV-12-728 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 312 Per Curiam Affirmed
Smith v. Hobbs[Icon] PER CURIAM Smith v. Hobbs CV-12-1060 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 314 Per Curiam Affirmed
State v. Rainer[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON State v. Rainer CR-13-927 6/26/2014 2014 Ark. 306 Majority, with Dissenting Reversed
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