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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
05-18-2017.Syllabus[Icon] 5/18/2017
Cohns v. State.dissent[Icon] JOSEPHINE LINKER HART Cohns v. State.dissent CR-17-256 5/18/2017 2017 Ark. 187 Dissenting
Lenard v. Kelley[Icon] PER CURIAM Lenard v. Kelley CV-16-747 5/18/2017 2017 Ark. 186 Per Curiam Affirmed in part
Ligon v. Tapp[Icon] SHAWN A. WOMACK Ligon v. Tapp D-13-150 5/18/2017 2017 Ark. 185 Majority Order of disbarment entered Professional misconduct
Rodgers v. Rodgers[Icon] RHONDA K. WOOD Rodgers v. Rodgers CV-16-926 5/18/2017 2017 Ark. 182 Majority, with Concurring and Dissenting Affirmed
Stodola v. Lynch[Icon] JOSEPHINE LINKER HART Stodola v. Lynch CV-16-473 5/18/2017 2017 Ark. 181 Majority Remanded with instructions
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