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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
2014-04-17 Syllabus[Icon] 4/17/2014
Barber v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Barber v. State CR-14-158 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 179 Per Curiam Dismissed
Berryhill v. Synatzske[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Berryhill v. Synatzske CV-13-847 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 169 Majority, with Dissenting Reversed & Remanded
Bowden v. State[Icon] PAUL E. DANIELSON Bowden v. State CR-13-757 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 168 Majority Affirmed
Brave v. Brave[Icon] CLIFF HOOFMAN Brave v. Brave CV-13-936 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 175 Majority Affirmed
Conley v. State[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON Conley v. State CR-13-21 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 172 Majority, with Concurring Affirmed in part
Giles v. Ozark Mountain Reg'l Pub. Water Auth.[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Giles v. Ozark Mountain Reg'l Pub. Water Auth. CV-13-1050 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 171 Majority Affirmed
Henderson v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Henderson v. State CV-14-144 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 180 Per Curiam Dismissed
Pitts v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Pitts v. State CR-07-110 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 177 Per Curiam Petition denied
Slocum v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Slocum v. State CR-14-96 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 178 Per Curiam Dismissed
State v. West[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON State v. West CV-13-931 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 174 Majority Affirmed
Thurmond v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Thurmond v. State CR-12-802 4/17/2014 2014 Ark. 176 Per Curiam Dismissed
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