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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
2015-01-21 Syllabus[Icon] 1/21/2015
Cantu v. State[Icon] KENNETH S. HIXSON Cantu v. State CR-13-1091 1/21/2015 2015 Ark. App. 21 Majority Motion granted
Dawson v. State[Icon] KENNETH S. HIXSON Dawson v. State CR-14-521 1/21/2015 2015 Ark. App. 23 Majority Affirmed
In re Pittman and Robbins[Icon] PER CURIAM In re Pittman and Robbins 1/21/2015 2015 Ark. App. 26 Per Curiam
Johnson v. State[Icon] KENNETH S. HIXSON Johnson v. State CR-14-254 1/21/2015 2015 Ark. App. 22 Majority Rebriefing ordered
Weatherford v. Ark. Reclamation Co.[Icon] PER CURIAM Weatherford v. Ark. Reclamation Co. CV-14-968 1/21/2015 2015 Ark. App. 25 Per Curiam Motion denied
White v. State[Icon] KENNETH S. HIXSON White v. State CR-14-653 1/21/2015 2015 Ark. App. 24 Majority Affirmed
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