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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
2016-02-04.Syllabus[Icon] 2/4/2016
Ahmad v. Beck[Icon] HOWARD W. BRILL Ahmad v. Beck CV-15-33 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 30 Majority, with Concurring Affirmed
Anderson v. Kelley[Icon] PER CURIAM Anderson v. Kelley CV-15-228 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 46 Per Curiam Motion denied
Baxter v. Wing[Icon] PER CURIAM Baxter v. Wing CV-16-21 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 42 Per Curiam Remanded
Crenshaw v. McFalls[Icon] ROBIN F. WYNNE Crenshaw v. McFalls CV-15-267 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 39 Majority, with Dissenting Petition denied
Davis v. Hobbs[Icon] PER CURIAM Davis v. Hobbs CV-15-931 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 47 Per Curiam Motion denied
Dennis v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Dennis v. State CR-15-752 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 44 Per Curiam Motion denied in part
Engstrom v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Engstrom v. State CR-15-781 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 45 Per Curiam Dismissed
Hale v. Coffman[Icon] JOSEPHINE LINKER HART Hale v. Coffman CV-15-202 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 36 Majority Reversed & Remanded
McFalls v. Crenshaw[Icon] PAUL E. DANIELSON McFalls v. Crenshaw CV-15-396 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 32 Majority, with Dissenting
Mercouri v. State[Icon] RHONDA K. WOOD Mercouri v. State CR-14-636 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 37 Majority Affirmed
State v. Lacy[Icon] RHONDA K. WOOD State v. Lacy CR-15-171 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 38 Majority Reversed & Remanded on direct appeal
Stewart v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Stewart v. State CR-74-121 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 43 Per Curiam Petition denied
Washington Cty. Bd. of Ts[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Washington Cty. Bd. of Ts CV-15-357 2/4/2016 2016 Ark. 34 Majority, with Concurring Affirmed
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