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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
2015-05-21.Syllabus[Icon] 5/21/2015
A.S. v. Randolph Cnty. Cir. Ct.[Icon] RHONDA K. WOOD A.S. v. Randolph Cnty. Cir. Ct. CV-15-349 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 221 Concurring
Berks v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Berks v. State CR-15-274 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 234 Per Curiam Motion granted
Conte v. State[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Conte v. State CR-13-721 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 220 Majority Affirmed
Fudge v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Fudge v. State CR-99-1102 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 230 Per Curiam Petition denied
Gooch v. State[Icon] ROBIN F. WYNNE Gooch v. State CR-14-327 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 227 Majority Dismissed in part
Hutcherson v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Hutcherson v. State CR-00-645 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 231 Per Curiam Petition denied
Isom v. State[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Isom v. State CR-08-1386 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 219 Majority Petition denied
Isom v. State.ecn[Icon] JOSEPHINE LINKER HART Isom v. State.ecn CR-02-213 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 225 Majority, with Dissenting Petition granted
Markus v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Markus v. State CR-14-879 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 228 Per Curiam Affirmed
McDaniel v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM McDaniel v. State CR-14-962 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 229 Per Curiam Affirmed
Metzner v. State[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON Metzner v. State CR-14-865 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 222 Majority, with Concurring and Dissenting Affirmed
Riley v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Riley v. State CR-11-1282 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 232 Per Curiam Petition denied
Wheeler v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Wheeler v. State CR-15-76 5/21/2015 2015 Ark. 233 Per Curiam Dismissed
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