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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
2015-11-19.Syllabus[Icon] 11/19/2015
Ark. Dep't of Veterans Affairs v. Mallett[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Ark. Dep't of Veterans Affairs v. Mallett CV-15-243 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 428 Majority, with Concurring and Dissenting Reversed & Remanded with instructions
Brown v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Brown v. State CR-13-514 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 435 Per Curiam Reversed & Remanded
City of Siloam Springs v. La-De LLC[Icon] ROBIN F. WYNNE City of Siloam Springs v. La-De LLC CV-15-194 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 433 Majority, with Dissenting Reversed & Remanded
Gray v. Thomas-Barnes[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Gray v. Thomas-Barnes CV-15-285 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 426 Majority, with Concurring Dismissed
In re Ark. Access to Justice Comm'n[Icon] PER CURIAM In re Ark. Access to Justice Comm'n 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 437 Per Curiam APPOINTMENT TO COMMITTEE
In re First Judicial Cir.[Icon]
Pelletier v. State[Icon] JOSEPHINE LINKER HART Pelletier v. State CR-15-330 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 432 Majority Affirmed
Rea v. State[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON Rea v. State CR-14-555 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 431 Majority Affirmed
Russell v. Pope[Icon] PER CURIAM Russell v. Pope CR-15-246 11/19/2015 2015 Ark. 436 Per Curiam Petition moot
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