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Name Author Case Name Docket Number Date Citation Opinion Type Disposition Keywords
2014-10-30 Syllabus[Icon] 10/30/2014
2014-10-31 Syllabus[Icon] 10/31/2014
Clemons v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Clemons v. State CR-14-99 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 454 Per Curiam Petitions denied
In re Admin. Order No. 21[Icon] PER CURIAM In re Admin. Order No. 21 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 455 Per Curiam
In re Bd. of Certified Ct. Rptr. Exam'rs[Icon] PER CURIAM In re Bd. of Certified Ct. Rptr. Exam'rs 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 456 Per Curiam
Jones v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Jones v. State CR-13-1112 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 448 Per Curiam Affirmed
Lukach v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Lukach v. State CR-91-279 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 451 Per Curiam Petition denied
Mister v. State.1[Icon] JOSEPHINE LINKER HART Mister v. State.1 CR-13-294 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 445 Majority Affirmed
Mister v. State.2[Icon] CLIFF HOOFMAN Mister v. State.2 CR-13-951 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 446 Majority Affirmed
Mooney v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Mooney v. State CR-08-1207 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 453 Per Curiam Petition denied
Mosher v. Ark. Dep't of Human Servs.[Icon] PER CURIAM Mosher v. Ark. Dep't of Human Servs. CV-14-855 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 450 Per Curiam Granted
Our Cmty. Our Dollars v. Bullock[Icon] COURTNEY HUDSON GOODSON Our Cmty. Our Dollars v. Bullock CV-14-827 10/31/2014 2014 Ark. 457 Majority, with Dissenting Reversed & Remanded on direct appeal
Ratchford v. State[Icon] PER CURIAM Ratchford v. State CR-03-905 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 452 Per Curiam Petition denied
State v. Crane[Icon] JIM HANNAH State v. Crane CR-14-345 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 443 Majority Dismissed in part
State v. Riley[Icon] CLIFF HOOFMAN State v. Riley CR-14-248 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 447 Majority Dismissed
Swenson v. Kane[Icon] KAREN R. BAKER Swenson v. Kane CV-14-85 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 444 Majority Affirmed
Tucker v. Hobbs[Icon] PER CURIAM Tucker v. Hobbs CV-13-1052 10/30/2014 2014 Ark. 449 Per Curiam Affirmed
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